Viral Autobots Review

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Viral Autobots

Are you struggling with your Facebook pages? A very few likes, very few comments and shares are there in your fan page. You have just fed up with your pages and thinking about how other pages get lots of like, shares, comments and followers. You are just looking for how those pages get thousands of views, likes, shares, comments in minutes after posting. Viral Autobots Review

Here is the answer. We have brought you the most popular tools used by facebook marketers and fan page holders.

Yes, it is Viral Autobots. This tool finds the viral posts (status, photos, audio and videos) related to your niche and brings a lot of views, shares, likes and followers for you over night. And this doesn’t need any advertisement cost or other costs. Once you buy this software everything is absolutely free that you can’t believe. Generally we know that facebook boosting is very expensive. But by using Viral Autobot you can get followers fully free. And the most important and amazing thing is if you post it in your wall it remains totally yours.

How to work:

Here is the process described how to work with viral autobot:

Niche selection:

At first you have to select the niche on which your facebook page is built. Viral Autobots will search you top niches such as animal, beauty, games, pets, fashion, fitness, funny, movie, music, news, photography etc. Then select your certain niche. And then select photo or video option. Then press Discover. Viral Autobots will find the viral photos or videos related to your niche.

Video/photo selection:

Among the discovered videos/photos select the most viral photo/video and then select your page and press post now button. You can write your own message here to post with the photo/video. You can also schedule the videos/photos to post later.Just select the date and time and Viral Autobots will post them into the correct scheduled time.

All tools: There are many other tools in Viral Autobots. Those are:

  1. Page Finder:

    It finds viral Facebook pages related to your niche. You can also search for top videos/photos in these pages and post them.

  2. Twitter trends:

    It shows you what is trending in twitter all over the world. You can select here the area and viral autobot will find you top trends right now in that area. You can select the trends and post from there.

  3. YouTube trends:
    You can also find for YouTube top videos for certain areas whatever you select. You can view the video, download them or post them.
  4. Page stats:
    By using this tool you can see the stats of any facebook page. Just enter the page link and it will show you the page’s likes come from different countries.
  5. Training:
    There are given some training videos to show you how to use Viral Autobots.
  6. Affiliate link cloaker:
    By using this you can link your affiliate pages with you photos or videos to monetize them.

So, forget about spending money for likes, shares, views, followers. Now it is in your hand. Have this software, earn money quickly and enjoy. Get it quickly because offers are going on and it will end tomorrow. If you buy today you will get only in $49 lifetime offer. Neither you have to pay $29 per month from tomorrow.


Viral Autobots Review

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